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It’s Almosta Ranch Alpacas has been raising and breeding quality Huacaya Alpaca since 2010.  We are committed to raising genetically superior animals as well as providing luxury fiber products from the world’s finest livestock investment.

Why? Because Alpacas are intelligent, clean, quiet, and easily managed on small acreage. They are the result of 6000 years of breeding by the Incas of South America to provide a fiber that is lustrous, strong and wonderfully soft to the hand. Best of all, they  come in an incredibly wide range of colors from pure white, to jet black, browns, fawns, reddish brown and a range of greys from light to steel grey.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that we love the wool almost as much as the animals. So we partenered with another farm, Urban Alpaca, and started The Fiberphiles.  Just two crazy ladies in love with the fiber. Go visit our page and check out what we do with the fiber once the wool has been sheared.

Our ranch is located in North-East Texas, Rockwall County, a convenient drive from the DFW metroplex and welcomes visitors year round. Get directions here.

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