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Monday, 11 April, 2022 18:58

Please Beeeeeee Informed!

Bee pollinator“Texas has hundreds of species of native bees, many of which never have been scientifically studied. Like their domesticated cousins, they have been hit hard in recent years. Urban sprawl has chewed up their habitat, and the increasing use of pesticides has reduced their numbers. Although few statistics are available, native bee populations seem to be declining like those of honeybees.” (The Trouble with Bees by Robert Bryce, Texas Master Gardener Association)

Native solitary bees pollinate so close to their nest that you can have personal pollinators in your garden. Installing a bee habitat in your own garden could be as simple as planting native shrubs, trees, and other ornamentals and allowing dormant plants and fallen leaves to remain untouched through fall and winter.

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