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After living the suburban life on a lot the size of a postage stamp, we made the move in October of 2010 to something a little more comfortable and spacious. Our ranch (or ranchette, or ranchito, depending on which of us you ask) sat on 5 acres and was located just far enough away from “city life” where the air is a bit cleaner, the skies a bit darker at night, and where your kids actually want to go outside and play.

In late 2015, we saw a piece of open land with all the potential we had dreamed about … and with everyone on board, sold our house, barn, and land and bought 8.5 untouched acres in Rockwall. A new adventure begins.

Phase one was a classic Gambrel barn, with the upper floor a Barndominium. With the help of both our fathers, and mothers, we erected the frame, built the walls, ran the wire, plumbing, etc. and built a barndo. Soon we hope to start Phase two, the ‘big’ house. Windows and porches and open spaces. We love it here and the pacas do as well.

We very much enjoy being surrounded daily by God’s glorious creation–each season with its own unique beauty. Though you may joke that in Texas there are really only two seasons, hot and hotter, we have actually been blessed by colorful fall foliage and even blankets of white snow. There are various types of birds year-round that call our trees home: from hawks, to sapsuckers and woodpeckers, to the cardinals that show up in winter. Even a great blue heron that graces our pond every so often. You can’t get much better than laying in the hammock after a day’s work with a cool breeze and an even colder drink, watching butterflies migrate through your back yard. Take that, suburbia.

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