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In addition to breeding and selling the alpacas themselves, we have had a blast exploring the many many diverse uses for alpaca “by-products,” from fiber arts: hats, gloves, scarves and our top seller–alpaca felted dryer balls–to beans (the polite term for alpaca manure). Please check back often to see what innovative and creative alpaca items we have designed.

Local Pickup

Please contact us to confirm availability and to place an order

Local Pickup only on eggs and compost, but we can ship all other items. Please contact us to confirm availability and to place an order.

Farm Fresh Eggs
Farm Fresh Eggs
$5 per dozen. Yes, we can taste the difference. If for no other reason than the effort put into keeping our chickens alive.
Alpaca Beans Compost
Alpaca Beans
$15 per 50 lb. bag (approx. weight)A great fertilizer for your veggie garden. No composting is necessary — just top dress and watch your plants grow.
Felted Dryer Balls
Felted Dryer Balls
$24 for 3, $18 for 2, or $10 each. A perfect replacement for dryer sheets and great for the environment. Add a couple drops essential oil and your on the way to saving money and the planet.
Felted Scarf
Handmade Felted Scarves
Each fall we create beautiful alpaca felted scarves. Each creation is unique and can be customized for you colors and tastes. Makes a great gift for mom! Prices range from $35-75.00
Alpaca Wool Stuffed Pet Pillows
Pet Pillows
Not all fiber is meant to be against you skin. But we can’t let it go to waste. These pet pillows are stuffed with fiber from our older girls, still hypoallergenic and super soft.
Felted Soap
Handmade Felted Goat Soaps
These soaps are made with goats milk and various essential oils, then wrapped in a felted “loofah” of alpaca fiber. Lemon-Verbena, Lavender, Snicker-doodle, and Cupcake. Price is $6.50 each.

Online Ordering

Coming soon … in the meantime, please call or fill our the form on our Contact Us page.

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